With new growth comes new opportunities. 


Michigan is known worldwide for industry. The emerging Medical Marijuana Industry is the next wave. Growers and dispensaries alike depend on the secure and discrete movement of goods and cash throughout the state. 

From plants and cannabis products, to lab samples and cash; Scofflaw LLC provides vetted, highly trained and tested transportation teams that will ensure delivery of your most sensitive goods, on time and with the utmost level of professionalism. Utilizing fleet tracking GPS software, you will know exactly where your assets are in real time. All products are scanned in and out by RFID to maintain a perfect chain of custody through the completion of the contract. 

Transportation across public roads can be dangerous and highly technical, from a logistical standpoint. Our agents have backgrounds in tactical movements conducted in theaters of war as well as law enforcement. Scofflaw agents are prepared to move your assets anywhere you need it in a safe and expedient manner.

As a veteran owned and operated company, we value current and former members of the armed forces and law enforcement. We hire vets and LEO first. The commitments these individuals made to the well being of others, their discipline, and their character make them superb team members. We beleive that high standards are the only standards.